Turtle Parcque


On this page you find links to recommended sites from partners, friends, zoos, fora and experts.
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Highly recommended is the European Studbook Foundation. The ESF is a private non-profit organisation that aims at protecting threatened amphibians and reptiles by managing genetically healthy breeding programmes in captivity.

Looking for a forum for discussing all aspects of Giant Asian pond turtles:
captive care, reproduction, health issues, nutrition, exchange of animals for breeding, conservation and taxonomy? Click at the Heosemys logo and find a very useful site by Marnix Hoekstra.


Jerry D. Fife is an expert totoise breeder and lives in Arizona (United States of America). He is author of the beautiful book, `Star Tortoises, The Natural History, Captive Care, and breeding of Geochelone elegans and Geochelone platynota`.
He is a frequent speaker at herpetological societies an has a growing list of articles and publications.